5 Overhyped Web Hosting Providers

There seems to be so many web hosting reviews! Some that are very vocal about their services, and others that aren’t nearly as vocal about their services as their customers are. But which ones are just a bunch of hype? There appears to be some you would think are a lot of hype, like NameCheap, that actually turn out to be really good! There’s got to be ones that really aren’t worth the money, too… right?


There certainly are some web hosting providers that are more bark than they are bite. We’re going to list the worst offenders right here. We’re also going to go over what exactly makes them so horrendous, so you know why you should steer clear.


GoDaddy is probably the most vocal web host on this list. From TV commercials to banner advertising and AdWords to rabid fan customers, GoDaddy is probably the most well known name in web hosting. They are also probably one of the worst names in web hosting. But why? They have such a pretty user interface, and jazz music when you call in, and such friendly customer support, right?

Uh, yeah. But that’s where it ends.

The user interface gets updated so often that GoDaddy rarely ever works out the constant bugs that plague their system. Their services have some of the highest prices in the business, and oh boy do they like to charge you for every single little feature imaginable. That friendly customer service also can be pretty dumb when it comes to technical support in comparison to other web hosting providers. Add a mostly unhelpful knowledge base, and you’ve got a pretty big recipe for disaster. Go Daddy seems to be the daycare of the web hosting world. It’s where you send toddlers, not anyone serious about their business growth.

IX Webhosting

IX Webhosting has a lot of issues with downtime, which they choose to denyto their customers or outright ignore. They also have recently began using shady sales tactics to scam their customers out of more money than they’re willing to pay for services, indicating financial issues. As if that isn’t bad enough, IX frequently spams their customers with promotional emails. While IX used to be a much better web host in the past, it seems to have lost its edge in recent years.


DreamHost has even more uptime and slow service issues than IX. Customerservice claims they don’t exist when customers call in to complain. They then fix them on the sly so it magically works like new again!

Customer service is heavily scripted with cut and paste replies. Expect also to pay an extra $10 a month if you want to even have access to their scripted customer support! A lot of customers complain about hidden fees everywhere they turn.

There appears to be reports that DreamHost sends a lot of promotional emails to their customers as well.


Can it get worse than DreamHost? How about no customer service at all? That would be HostGator, going by customer reports. If you even manage get customer service at all, you can fully expect to get someone from a third world country that, if they even manage to speak comprehensible English… won’t understand your issue!

Add lots of downtime to that formula, and Facebook censoring of any bad reviews. Oh, do you like spam? Because they do lots of up-selling through email, too!

As one customer reported, “the gator has lost its teeth!”

Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo outsources their web hosting to a Chinese provider named Aabaco, andthis certainly shows in the quality of service it provides. Aabaco does everything from holding your domain hostage and refusing to release to you if you cancel your service to continuing to charge you after you cancel your domain.

This is probably the worst possible web hosting provider you could go with. It has every issue a web hosting provider could possibly have – poor customer service, poor uptime, slow bandwidth, no personal ownership over the domain, no migration options, and viral billing that is next to impossible to cancel service with. Steer clear of this web host even if you don’t avoid any of the others on this list.

Have You Learned Anything About Which Web Hosting Providers are Not Worth Your Time?

Hopefully this list has taught you a thing or two about whom to trust when you are shopping for a new web host. Most importantly, it has taught you not to listen to hype when looking for a new web host, and to pay attention to what the customers themselves are saying about that web host before you buy. Make sure also that the customers you are listening to aren’t just “fans” or affiliates but are really giving a logical point of view on the web host provider that includes both the highs and the lows.

Chances are any web host you pick is going to have some rough spots, but hopefully none of them will be as bad as these web hosts are. These web hosts are by far the worst offenders in the bunch, but there is still yet much to be learned from them on what not to do. Many of these web hosts may have not made this list if they were at least honest with their customers and did not attempt to spam them or trick them into spending more money.

You however can walk away from this having learned that cheap and even free is not always a good thing. Many of these web hosts offer ultra low or even free trial periods to lure you into starting service with them, and some of them keep you locked in once you start by holding your domain and/or even your hosted files themselves hostage after your trial period has ended. This is why it is so important to make sure that when you are choosing a web hosting provider, you make sure it is a provider you can trust. Don’t fall victim to the hype. A little money saved now can lead to a lot of money lost later.